Advice on how to prepare for your BTS in France

The BTS is a diploma that is quite specific to the French educational system. It is awarded two years after the baccalauréat. It is characterized by its high professional vocation, its brevity (bac+2) and the satisfactory level of specialization of its graduates. In recent years, the diploma has been of particular interest to companies, which increasingly appreciate the operational skills of its graduates and the ease with which they integrate the professional world. The BTS is a selective training program, both upstream and downstream, which means that its access is conditioned by a selection process and its completion by a national examination. In this article, we will review two main sources of information to help you prepare for your BTS exam.

Make friends with old corrected subjects

First of all, you should know that unlike the baccalauréat, you are not entitled to a make-up session for your Brevet de Technicien Supérieur exam, so you have to validate the tests with a minimum of 10/20. To prepare for the exams, there is a wealth of documentation on the exams, regardless of the specialty. You should therefore take an interest in the annals and the answers to past exams to practice individually or in groups. You can also access the content of specialized websites that offer the answers to the subjects of the BTS communication, management assistant, accounting, marketing, etc.

Reading specialized magazines

In addition to the annals, the corrected subjects, and the accompanying websites, BTS candidates should also get into the habit of reading specialized magazines to stay abreast of current events in their specialty in order to have a solid foundation for the general culture tests. However, it is important to note that in addition to these two main sources of information, there are other methods, depending on the specialty, to better prepare for the exam… don’t forget, old corrected exam subjects and specialized reading. In the meantime, good luck!