Training to work in communication in France

A new Eldorado for young high school students, communication courses are flourishing in the world of higher education. Digital communication, event communication, 360° communication… These are all specializations that offer a wide choice of training for young students. But as is often the case, there is a flip side to the coin: numerous and varied training courses cause a little more indecision. Which school is best for me? What would be my flagship specialty? Are there any job opportunities? Don’t worry, we’re here for you! We’ll try to answer all your questions in this article. Let’s go!

Which specialties in the communication trainings?

Each field of study has sub-fields. Knowing them and understanding them gives future professionals refined skills in their chosen field. The same is true for communication. If all training programs focus on the main concept during the first year or two, they gradually lead their students to specialize in a sub-field. Let’s take the example of ISCPA’s communication training programs, which offer several specializations:

  • Content creation and production
  • Responsible communication
  • Digital communication
  • Institutional communication

Other specializations in communication will be possible according to the attractions of each:

  • Internal communication, designed to improve the productivity of a company’s teams
  • Event-based communication, focused on the organization of company seminars, festivals and trade shows
  • External communication, focused on speaking to a target group of professionals (B2B) or consumers (B2C), in order to sell a service or a product

What are the opportunities after a communication training?

Communication remains a key sector in France. There are many job opportunities, especially with the evolution of technology, which allows for the creation of new types of jobs. Here is a selection of jobs by theme, which you can do with an advertiser or in a communications agency.

Jobs in digital communication

We don’t hide it from you, it is in this branch that there is the most potential. The positions are numerous and continue to flourish in the French professional landscape. The professionals of digital communication evolve mainly on social networks, professional networks, but also come to act on the site of the company or on search engines. Whether developing traffic acquisition or viral brand awareness, these profiles know the web inside and out. Here is a selection:

  • Community manager
  • Digital project manager
  • Web editor
  • Digital communication manager
  • Traffic Manager
  • Webdesigner

Positions in advertising communication

Whether in an agency or an advertiser, advertising communication is centered on selling a product or a service to a specific target. These professionals will have to study the market, identify competitors, refine the target and set up an advertising campaign to meet a quantitative or qualitative objective. Advertising is the key to any company’s success and remains a major challenge for any brand wishing to develop its reputation and sales. We will note here the main professions dedicated to advertising communication:

  • Creative writer
  • Art director
  • Strategic planner
  • Media planner
  • Advertising manager

So, are you ready to become a future communicator? All you have to do is find your happiness among the many training courses available!