Living and studying in Lyon, France

Living and studying in Lyon, France Nestled in the heart of France, Lyon is an enchanting city where history, culture and modernity blend seamlessly. Its appeal extends far beyond its renowned gastronomic delights, captivating architecture and picturesque landscapes. Lyon has become an increasingly attractive destination to live and study, offering a unique blend of academic excellence, vibrant student life and

Focus on IMSI’s Real Estate Master in France

With more than one million transactions completed in 2020, despite the health crisis, the real estate sector remains in perpetual growth. The French have always invested in real estate. Whether it is to live in the house of their dreams, to invest in rental property or to buy and sell, the real estate sector is perceived as a safe sector

Why go for a Master in Computer Science in France?

According to a study published in 2021 by APEC (Association pour l’emploi des cadres), the hiring of IT executives has increased by 22% compared to 2020. Another survey conducted by Pôle Emploi and Crédoc states that IT is among the 15 sectors most concerned by recruitment projects in 2021. These figures show the interest of following a very advanced university

What training should I take to become a computer scientist in France?

In a constantly evolving world, becoming a computer scientist is a logical choice for the future given the new technological innovations. As the way of working has evolved, computer professionals have become indispensable. To meet the new demands of consumers, they must master numerous programming languages, be as gifted in engineering as in technology, quickly identify user needs while ensuring

What job can I do with a master’s degree in communication in France?

The field of communication has evolved greatly in recent years, particularly due to the massive digitalization of all sectors and the rise of information technology. This activity is now at the heart of the strategies of all companies, regardless of their size or sector. The number of career paths in communication has multiplied in order to meet the needs of