Living and studying in Lyon, France

Living and studying in Lyon, France Nestled in the heart of France, Lyon is an enchanting city where history, culture and modernity blend seamlessly. Its appeal extends far beyond its renowned gastronomic delights, captivating architecture and picturesque landscapes. Lyon has become an increasingly attractive destination to live and study, offering a unique blend of academic excellence, vibrant student life and

The subjects taught in BTS SAM in France

Intended to train management assistants, the BTS SAM is a versatile training with a very apparent professional aspect. This course is very popular because of its rich program, which we present to you today. #1 General Culture and Expression This subject aims to develop the candidate’s ability to synthesize and write as well as his general culture. To become a

3 good reasons to do a BTS MCO in France

The BTS MCO (Operational Sales Management), formerly known as MUC (management of commercial units) is a diploma of Bac+2 level. It trains students in the management of a sales outlet and in customer relations. Accessible after obtaining your baccalaureate, this BTS allows you to acquire knowledge in management. During the two years of training, you will have the opportunity to

What training should I take to become a computer scientist in France?

In a constantly evolving world, becoming a computer scientist is a logical choice for the future given the new technological innovations. As the way of working has evolved, computer professionals have become indispensable. To meet the new demands of consumers, they must master numerous programming languages, be as gifted in engineering as in technology, quickly identify user needs while ensuring

Why choose a work-study BTS in France?

Opting for a work-study BTS is an option that is increasingly being considered. This training consists of alternating periods of theoretical classes in school and practical classes in a company. We are going to show you in a few points the advantages of going this way. What are the costs for this training? Depending on the age and level of

The most popular BTS in Paris

Paris is also the capital of the best training in France, with almost 601 BTS courses available in several public and private establishments. With a large number of specialized institutes, business schools and engineering schools of international renown and very high level. Here are some of the best BTS courses currently in demand on the job market. BTS Management of

Advice on how to prepare for your BTS in France

The BTS is a diploma that is quite specific to the French educational system. It is awarded two years after the baccalauréat. It is characterized by its high professional vocation, its brevity (bac+2) and the satisfactory level of specialization of its graduates. In recent years, the diploma has been of particular interest to companies, which increasingly appreciate the operational skills

The BTS after the baccalaureate : the choice of a professional training!

Doing a BTS means undertaking a short two-year training course, highly operational to enable students to enter the job market under the best conditions after their training, or to continue their studies at university. Often offered as a sandwich course, the BTS is a good choice of training for those who know what they want to do or for those