3 good reasons to do a BTS MCO in France

The BTS MCO (Operational Sales Management), formerly known as MUC (management of commercial units) is a diploma of Bac+2 level. It trains students in the management of a sales outlet and in customer relations. Accessible after obtaining your baccalaureate, this BTS allows you to acquire knowledge in management. During the two years of training, you will have the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice in the field, during internships in companies or through work-study programs. Are you interested in business and want to make it your career? Discover the 3 good reasons to do a BTS MCO.

A professionalizing program

By choosing to enroll in a BTS Operational Sales Management, you will become an expert in the field of sales and distribution. Throughout the two years of training, you will obtain the skills to

  • Attract new customers and prospects;
  • Create and maintain a relationship of trust with them;
  • Sell products or services.

More and more, the program of this BTS MCO training is renewed in order to adapt to the changes in society. Faced with the development of e-commerce, courses on the digitalization of businesses have been developed. This makes it possible to establish the basis of training in digital marketing.

More and more establishments are offering this training in alternation. Students are confronted with the world of work, by carrying out missions in companies. This is a real springboard for their future career. The experience acquired through an apprenticeship or professionalization contract will enable them to stand out from students who have completed initial training.

Numerous possible courses of study after a BTS MCO

Thanks to a professionalizing program, the BTS MCO promises a rapid integration into the world of work. However, after graduation, you have a wide range of options for further study. If you decide to continue your studies in a business-related field, you can specialize in a specific area.

Indeed, many courses such as professional licenses and bachelor’s degrees will allow you to obtain a bachelor’s degree, develop your expertise and strengthen your professional project. If you are aiming for a Bac+5 level, you can go for a master’s degree or a business school in order to hold positions of responsibility from your first job.

A wide range of career opportunities

Many companies favor competent profiles, students trained in the latest trends in management and customer relations. Commercial profiles such as BTS MCO holders are highly sought after.

Upon completion of the BTS Operational Sales Management, students can expect to hold a wide variety of positions. Many graduates opt for positions in business units of various sizes. These may include hypermarkets, supermarkets, and ready-to-wear stores.

Graduates may also decide to go into banking, insurance, real estate, digital marketing and e-commerce.

Most of the time, young graduates start their professional life as assistants in order to quickly progress to positions of responsibility.

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