The subjects taught in BTS SAM in France

Intended to train management assistants, the BTS SAM is a versatile training with a very apparent professional aspect.

This course is very popular because of its rich program, which we present to you today.

#1 General Culture and Expression

This subject aims to develop the candidate’s ability to synthesize and write as well as his general culture.

To become a management assistant, you must have a very sharp mind. In addition, it is important to have good writing skills and a good general culture.

The “General Culture and Expression” subject, taught in the framework of a BTS SAM (ex-BTS Assistant Manager), allows you to develop these skills.

Classes are organized around debates and reading activities. The goal is for you to learn to debate current events and develop your communication skills.

#2 Modern languages

This module is about developing your mastery of the foreign languages you have already studied in high school. Of course, the emphasis is on professional vocabulary, which will enable you to communicate with foreign executives or even to go abroad. Modern language courses are important because they allow you to :

  • analyze a professional situation;
  • analyze a communication situation ;
  • adapt your relational behavior to the context in which you find yourself (informal, professional…);
  • communicate orally in French and in another foreign language in a professional situation…

Successful completion of this module requires a test in which you will be placed in a professional communication situation. You will then take on the role of an assistant manager in charge of managing both internal and external relations within a company.

#3 Three subjects are grouped under the heading: Legal, economic and managerial culture 

Executive assistantship is not just about routine administrative tasks. It also involves managing missions of a legal and economic nature. Hence the importance of this module which includes three subjects: legal culture, economic culture and managerial culture.

Through these subjects, you will learn to analyze the economic, legal and social environment in which your company operates. You will also be able to solve a problematic situation, and to build an argumentation.

#4 Optimization of administrative processes 

The name of this competence block sums up its content very well! It is about learning how to optimize the management of the company’s administrative processes.

Among the competences concerned by this module, we find :

  • Customer relationship management;
  • team coordination ;
  • document management and various collaborative communication channels;
  • Inventory and material resource management.

Thanks to these skills, you will be able to establish a link between your management and other stakeholders (colleagues, suppliers, customers…).

This module also develops your leadership skills. You will learn to make important decisions on your own. You will also be able to deal with all kinds of unexpected events.

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