Why choose a Global MBA over an MBA?

Pursuing an MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is an important decision in one’s academic and professional life. In recent years, MBA programmes have grown in popularity, attracting individuals from a wide range of backgrounds seeking to enhance their business acumen and career prospects. This article aims to explore the distinct advantages of choosing a Global MBA over an MBA,


Living and studying in Lyon, France

Living and studying in Lyon, France Nestled in the heart of France, Lyon is an enchanting city where history, culture and modernity blend seamlessly. Its appeal extends far beyond its renowned gastronomic delights, captivating architecture and picturesque landscapes. Lyon has become an increasingly attractive destination to live and study, offering a unique blend of academic excellence, vibrant student life and

Why choose the communication profession in France?

The communication sector is a very varied sector offering you essential skills for the development of companies. You can work in any structure, whether public or private. This profession is as dynamic as the sector in which it is practiced: it is a profession that moves and that interests students. Multiple training courses for the communication sector There are many

What training should I take to become a computer scientist in France?

In a constantly evolving world, becoming a computer scientist is a logical choice for the future given the new technological innovations. As the way of working has evolved, computer professionals have become indispensable. To meet the new demands of consumers, they must master numerous programming languages, be as gifted in engineering as in technology, quickly identify user needs while ensuring

Management Assistant in France: more than a job, a career plan!

The management assistant is a major pillar of the company, since he/she ensures the smooth running of the various tasks related to accounting, in addition to the administrative and commercial actions carried out by the firm. More details with CIEFA Paris. Which training to choose? The ideal training for this job is without a doubt the one whose program is

Web design: the job that combines creativity and technicality

The web design profession is one of the most sought after digital professions, given the importance of technology for today’s companies. To explain this, it is enough to say that the majority of companies have websites, so they find it necessary to contact such professionals, especially to maintain their pages, both at the artistic level (design of mock-ups, banners, etc.)