Focus on IMSI’s Real Estate Master in France

With more than one million transactions completed in 2020, despite the health crisis, the real estate sector remains in perpetual growth.

The French have always invested in real estate. Whether it is to live in the house of their dreams, to invest in rental property or to buy and sell, the real estate sector is perceived as a safe sector and professionals are therefore always in demand.

Why do a Master’s degree in real estate?

If you have arrived here, it is probably no longer necessary to convince you that the real estate sector is a promising sector. Here are 2 key figures, for those who still doubt it:

  • 250,000 recruitments in 2021
  • 16.5 billion euros in sales in 2021

Doing a Master’s degree in real estate, such as IMSI’s Real Estate Master’s degree, following your Bachelor’s degree, will allow you to specialize and become a real expert in real estate.

A Master’s degree in real estate will allow you to access numerous positions such as

  • Real estate advisor
  • Asset manager
  • Property manager
  • Director of a real estate agency
  • Urban program manager
  • Investment advisor
  • Real estate asset manager

With this degree, you will be able to work in agencies as well as in public services, on your own account or in large real estate groups.

Focus on the specializations of IMSI’s Real Estate Master’s program

If you enroll in IMSI’s Real Estate Master’s program, you will be able to specialize in one of the 6 main areas of real estate and thus become an expert in your field.

You will have a choice of 6 specializations:

  • Real estate asset management consulting
  • Management of social housing
  • Real estate development and promotion
  • Management of residential real estate
  • Management of tertiary real estate
  • Real estate and land expertise

The program of your Master’s degree will therefore be perfectly adapted to the challenges of your future position.

5 good reasons to choose IMSI for your Master’s degree

  1. The assurance of a job at the end of your studies: 93% of IMSI’s Real Estate Master’s students find a job within 4 months of completing their studies
  2. Training provided by industry professionals: 91% of IMSI’s Real Estate Master’s professors and instructors are real estate professionals
  3. A 100% work-study program: no tuition fees, a salary from the beginning of the program and, above all, professional experience that attracts recruiters.
  4. A diploma recognized as a Bac+5 level: State-certified level 7 title
  5. The possibility of studying in 4 major French cities: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse or Rennes

IMSI is also a school that is 100% specialized in real estate and puts the profession at the heart of its training by offering diplomas from bac to bac+5 with a unique teaching method that evolves over the years to remain as close as possible to the reality of the field.

So, are you ready to join IMSI and take your career as a real estate professional to the next level?