Luxury Bachelor program in Paris

Working in the luxury sector is the dream of many! Are you among those who wish to join this thrilling industry? Make sure to choose the right Bachelor program to start your studies! Here is a tip: try to study in a city that is world-renowned for luxury goods. Paris, France, is one of the best places to start your studies.

Paris, the capital of luxury

Indeed, Paris is one the most influential cities when it comes to luxury. It has been known for centuries for its art and crafts. Nowadays, the list of famous brands located in the city is incredible and shows that pursuing a fashion management Bachelor in Paris is the best idea to start your career. For example, in the French capital alone, you may work for:

  • LVMH,
  • Chanel,
  • Cartier,
  • Dior,
  • Givenchy…

All of them have their headquarters located in Paris or its suburbs. Moreover, in the city, you may find a lot of luxury shops, some places are even well-known for their high concentration of stores. For example, the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is famous for this exact reason!

If you start your studies there, you will be able to join one of the most famous companies in the world. Whether you want to start your career in France or in your home country, having work experience in Paris will improve your chances to quickly find a job after graduation.

Why should you choose a Bachelor program in luxury to start your studies?

For your studies, you may choose a Bachelor. You should definitely not wait for your master’s degree to start acquiring specialized skills. With such a diploma, you will be skilled and will be able to start your career with positions such as:

  • product manager,
  • luxury store manager,
  • project manager,
  • sales coordinator,
  • luxury buyer…

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your school is to make sure that there is a lot of time spent working in companies. This is the best way to develop practical skills. With a lot of experience, it will be easier for you to find your first job after graduation.

Enjoy one of the best destinations for your studies!

Last but not least, Paris is one of the best places to study. There are a lot of schools with programs specializing in luxury management, but there is more to your student life than just finding a good school! You also have to find a place where you can grow personally. The French capital has everything you need!

For instance, there is a vibrant cultural life with many exhibitions in the countless museums the city has to offer! Of course, classical art has a special place in this ancient city. The Louvre, Orsay or l’Orangerie are some of the go-to museums for those who love paintings. Maybe you prefer more modern art? The Palais de Tokyo or the Centre Pompidou will welcome you to their galleries where avantgarde is the watchword!

Of course, you can also enjoy the nightlife in Paris! It goes without saying that you can’t be bored in this city. You can enjoy many restaurants, from the cheapest to the most luxurious (aren’t you there to study luxury, after all?). France is also a real melting pot with people from all around the world. You can enjoy incredible food from India, Thailand, China, Japan, North Africa, Mexico, etc. After class, you will also be able to explore the many bars of Paris. You prefer not to drink alcohol? You can also enjoy colorful cocktails with your friends!

Don’t hesitate! France is the best place to prepare your career! The fame of Paris will shine on your resume and recruiters will be eager to learn more about your experience in the City of Lights!