Web design: the job that combines creativity and technicality

The web design profession is one of the most sought after digital professions, given the importance of technology for today’s companies. To explain this, it is enough to say that the majority of companies have websites, so they find it necessary to contact such professionals, especially to maintain their pages, both at the artistic level (design of mock-ups, banners, etc.) and at the creative level (the design of a web interface or others). What does the web design curriculum consist of? What are the tasks of a web designer? And what are the skills needed to practice this profession?

What does the web design curriculum consist of?

Web design is a digital profession that trains professionals specializing in graphic design techniques, creation associated with web development as well as development and web programming of interactive and adaptive sites (responsive web design RWD).

Based on a practical methodology, the web design training is a real, personal and interactive professional experience. The objective is to accustom students to the world of graphic design and digital platform design, introducing them to the implementation of projects that are of course part of the student curriculum.

This training also focuses on the UX (user experience) which is an integral part of the daily work of the web designer. Moreover, knowing that he will have contact with clients, the training also emphasizes communication skills. Finally, creativity and technical skills are also part of the curriculum.

What are the tasks of a webdesigner?

In addition to showing creativity and technical skills to create web pages, the webdesigner must be able to ensure the maintenance of it and to make optimal and accessible navigation for its users. This web professional must conceive and identify the visual identity of the platform, using his imagination to concretize the preconceived graphic ideas.

In addition to building customer loyalty, especially through this creative work par excellence, this digital professional must also optimize the leads of the page created or renovated, positioning it correctly in search engines. This is a fundamental step, because it allows him to develop all the above-mentioned assets that, in fact, are intertwined.

What are the requirements for this job?

To be able to occupy the position of webdesigner, you must have the following skills:

  • Have technical knowledge of Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems ;
  • Be curious and willing to learn other techniques and disciplines;
  • Have impeccable communication skills;
  • Proficiency in internet navigation;
  • Be creative;
  • Analytical skills.