What is an international business school

International business schools are sought after by students. They provide significant advantages for building one’s professional future.

The international dimension

There are many business schools in France. The vast majority of them offer an international dimension in their training. They generally focus their training on one or two well-mastered languages. These Business Schools are very much sought after by students. Indeed, a large number of these schools offer at least one semester of study abroad during their curriculum. Some schools integrate up to a year in a foreign country, allowing students to mix studies and internships.

These programs are highly sought after by students, as the cultural immersion and language skills are also a real asset since international companies are looking for profiles that correspond to these study programs.

Schools often have partner companies involved in the life of the international business school. These partners contribute to the employability of graduates. Some schools are known for having a rich professional network that allows for rapid and rewarding professional integration for these students…

The courses offered

International business schools offer a wide range of courses. We find the following courses:

  • BTS in international trade (bac +2)
  • Bachelor’s degree programs, accessible after the baccalaureate or in the third year after a baccalaureate +2
  • Master, MBA, MSc, accessible after a baccalaureate +3
  • professional training
  • etc.

It should be noted that semesters abroad are rarely done in the first years of post-bac training. Semesters abroad are offered from the third year of a Bachelor’s degree (bac+3) or during a Master’s degree, MSc or MBA (bac+5).

Since the cost of the schools is often high, it is preferable for the student to join a school in a sandwich course to finance the training costs. It is also important to find an international company that can host the student during these semesters abroad.

Joining an international business school

First and foremost, it is important for students to choose their school carefully. There are several factors that can help ensure that the targeted school corresponds to the desired course of study:

  • its presence in the official rankings
  • the courses offered
  • information on student life (the training environment)
  • the alumni network
  • the professional and partner network

Once the school has been chosen, the student must go through a selection process and competitive examination depending on the level of training desired:

  • Parcousup for post-bac courses
  • competitive exams for business schools (SĂ©same, etc.)
  • internal competitive exams for schools
  • Selection based on applications, interviews and tests

It is sometimes difficult to get into certain schools because there are so many applicants. It is therefore necessary to prepare well for the various competitive exams in order to maximize the success rate.

It is also important to know that many candidates wish to enter the largest schools from the beginning of their post-bac training. But it is possible to enter these schools later in the curriculum. Indeed, schools recruit students for entry at the baccalaureate level (bac+3, bac+4 and even bac+5) depending on the specialties offered in the programs. International business schools are becoming more and more accessible and versatile, allowing different profiles of candidates to join them.