Business schools in Bordeaux

Claude Nougaro could sing “Oh Bordeaux”. Unfortunately, he didn’t choose this city… Unlike the 100,000 students who have decided to settle in “la belle endormie” in 2021-2022, according to the latest general ranking of student cities. Bordeaux is one of the student cities that have seen their number of students grow significantly over the past 10 years. Bordeaux seduces, Bordeaux attracts, Bordeaux envies, whether it be engineering, communication or even business students. What about business schools in Bordeaux? How do you choose your future school? What are the training offers? We will try to bring you some answers. So, make yourself comfortable and put on your seatbelt: we’re off to visit the Bordeaux region!

How to choose a business school in Bordeaux?

Beyond choosing a particular school, you must first prioritize your needs. In which field do you want to specialize? What subject attracts you? What is your professional project? Then you can rush to a business school in Bordeaux that offers the training most in line with your aspirations.

Once you have defined your needs, all you have to do is consult the different training offers in the city. If several programs appeal to you, you can then simply compare the schools, choosing the one that seems to correspond to your profile. Some examples of questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the school have good facilities?
  • Are the job placement or graduation rates high?
  • Does the school have a network of professional partners?
  • Is the student life structured, notably with the existence of a Student Union or Sports Union?

If you are still undecided, you can read the testimonies of former graduates or those of current students. You will be able to form an idea about the school and prepare for your visit.

Bordeaux, the students’ favorite color?

You’re going to tell me, “That’s an easy play on words”. But whether we like it or not, Bordeaux remains one of the favorite cities for students. Ideally located, it remains well served, whether to go to the capital or to the Mediterranean. Count on two to three hours by train to reach either one.

Bordeaux is also a promise: that of living “in the Southwest”. Just a few kilometers from the beaches, Cap Ferret or the Bassin d’Arcachon, Bordeaux offers you an exceptional living environment, in summer as well as in winter.

A dynamic city, Bordeaux is also resolutely turned towards culture, with the Cité du Vin, the Musée des Beaux Arts or the Muséum de Bordeaux. It is also a city rich in architecture, with several squares and several historical monuments:

  • The Basilica of Saint-Michel
  • The Saint-André Cathedral
  • The Esplanade des Quinconces and the monument to the Girondins
  • The Big Bell
  • The Place de la Bourse

As you can see, Bordeaux remains an attractive city for students. It also offers a diversified training program with its numerous business schools. So, are you tempted by the Bordeaux epic? Don’t hesitate, Bordeaux is and will remain a safe bet.