Management Assistant in France: more than a job, a career plan!

The management assistant is a major pillar of the company, since he/she ensures the smooth running of the various tasks related to accounting, in addition to the administrative and commercial actions carried out by the firm. More details with CIEFA Paris.

Which training to choose?

The ideal training for this job is without a doubt the one whose program is composed of general knowledge in management, law, economics, communication and English language, but also specific learning in accounting, management (tax, treasury, HR, etc.).

Based on these criteria, the bts assistant in management is the training that is in perfect harmony with the expectations of recruiters, knowing that this 2-year course combines studies and internships (one week of classes and another within the host institution). In addition to this, a professionalization or apprenticeship contract is signed once the student has set foot in the company.

What tasks does a management assistant perform?

The versatility required by this profession makes the tasks of a management assistant diverse. From the budgetary management of the company to the production and financial analysis, passing by the organization of the computer system, here are other tasks which the assistant of management generally takes care of:

  • Setting up and carrying out the company’s commercial actions;
  • Collaboration with the administrative department by preparing specific evaluations and reports;
  • Ensuring smooth and efficient communication with the company’s various clients;
  • Follow up on the company’s tax situation and administer taxes.

What are the advantages of a career as a management assistant?

The position is very popular, both with recruiters and students. That said, there are several reasons why management assistantship is the choice of young graduates, namely:

  • Technical and theoretical versatility: to become a management assistant, it is not enough to have studied management. It is also necessary to have technical knowledge in administration or to master the English language. Versatility is therefore essential;
  • Wide range of positions to fill: many institutions rely on the services of such professionals, such as private and public companies, insurance companies, consulates, airports, private agencies and multinationals, among others;
  • Stability: for those looking for job stability, the position of management assistant is ideal for building a career in a company.