Why go for a Master in Computer Science in France?

According to a study published in 2021 by APEC (Association pour l’emploi des cadres), the hiring of IT executives has increased by 22% compared to 2020. Another survey conducted by Pôle Emploi and Crédoc states that IT is among the 15 sectors most concerned by recruitment projects in 2021. These figures show the interest of following a very advanced university training such as the Master in Computer Science. What is a Master’s degree in computer science? What are the advantages? That’s what we’ll find out together today.

Master in computer science: definition

The computer science Master is a training of level bac+5. Accessible directly after the baccalaureate or after a Bachelor’s degree in computer science (parallel access), this course aims to provide each student with highly specialized skills in various branches of the IT sector (development, computer networks, etc.). Like all other Masters, the IT Master’s degree includes a very rich program, sufficient to train versatile IT managers. Among the modules taught are: software engineering, computer security, databases, robotics, telecommunications, etc.

During the two years of the program, the student will be required to take part in internships lasting a minimum of 3 months. These internships will serve to refine the skills acquired in class and to acquire a first professional experience, which will boost his employability once he graduates.

Following a Master’s degree in computer science is therefore equivalent to integrating a complete bac+5 course in computer science, which provides the student with all the necessary expertise to enter the job market through the front door.

1 – Specialize in a sector with high hiring potential

At a time when the French economy was at a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the IT sector created more than 21,000 jobs this year according to a study by Syntec numérique. This same organization tells us that in this same year, 33% of companies have stabilized their IT staff, while 33% have even increased them! A strong employability that converges with a certain difficulty to recruit. A difficulty encountered by 8 out of 10 companies according to a Michael Page survey.

All this to tell you that the IT sector offers huge hiring opportunities. With a great Master’s degree in computer science, a student has every chance of finding a job quickly.

2 – Work-study training

Several establishments in France offer the possibility to follow a Master’s degree in computer science in alternation. This arrangement offers the student various advantages. Firstly, a Master’s degree in computer science allows students to combine an important theoretical know-how with a first professional experience in a company, through an internship.

During this internship, the student does not just observe! They are assigned responsibilities and are accompanied by more experienced managers. As a result, they quickly become accustomed to the demands of the professional world. Secondly, the status of work-study student confers several advantages such as a monthly salary, vacations, etc. It is very practical for the student of a private computer school, because he can thus finance part of his studies. Finally, it is important to know that to enrich their workforce, several companies choose from among the alternating students they receive.

3 – Transferable skills

The Master’s degree in computer science encourages the acquisition of technical and interpersonal skills that are perfectly transferable. This is very advantageous for the student who is free to work in France or abroad. Today, many French executives choose to expatriate to find better job opportunities or simply to live an enriching human experience. This is entirely possible with a Master’s degree in computer science.