How to get into a business school in France?

In recent years in France, the number of business schools has increased and we can notice a craze of students to access these schools recognized in general for the quality of their teaching with a personalized supervision. They are well distributed on the national territory.

Access routes to business schools in France

Candidates can access, for example, a business school in Paris directly after the baccalaureate, via a file study, followed by a motivation interview and/or a written exam submitted by the school. It is possible to enter these schools after a preparatory class or through parallel admissions.

There is also the possibility of admission to several business schools via a single application, through common entrance exams. Depending on your level of study, you can apply for the post-bac competitive entrance exams, the competitive entrance exams after preparatory classes or parallel admissions. However, some guidance counselors recommend that students go through the classes préparatoires, which last 2 years and are public. According to them, students have a better chance of entering a renowned and recognized school after these two years of preparatory classes.

Precautions to take before entering a business school in France

Business school programs are of very high quality and are appreciated by recruiters, but they are costly for candidates. They must therefore demand serious guarantees from the business school before joining it. Unfortunately, in this very competitive market, some schools do not tell the whole truth about the credibility and recognition of their diplomas or about the labels and titles they are supposed to have. It is therefore necessary to verify all these elements, in order to avoid a bad orientation that would have cost you a lot of money. As a reminder, private schools cost an average of 9,000 euros per year of study. While consular schools dependent on chambers of commerce and industry cost an average of 5000 euros per year of study. Finally, schools with a state visa deliver graduates whose quality is not debated.