What training should I take to become a computer scientist in France?

In a constantly evolving world, becoming a computer scientist is a logical choice for the future given the new technological innovations. As the way of working has evolved, computer professionals have become indispensable. To meet the new demands of consumers, they must master numerous programming languages, be as gifted in engineering as in technology, quickly identify user needs while ensuring their security… In short, they are indispensable! If you also want to do a job with a future, don’t wait any longer: become a computer scientist!

Why choose computer science?

Why work in IT? The question does not even arise! In the digital age, computer professions are more than ever in vogue. Over the last few years, society’s needs and expectations have evolved, and computer scientists have had to adapt their software, creating and innovating ever more. Today, IT professionals are essential to the smooth running of a company and are highly valued by recruiters.

Given the growth of the IT sector and the development of new technological tools (Cloud, Big Data, cybersecurity, IoT environment…), hiring forecasts are only increasing. According to INSEE, since 2017, there are 40,000 hires of IT profiles per quarter. Impressive, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for to get started?

Short courses

You want to become a computer scientist? Congratulations! However, with the plethora of courses on offer, you may be wondering which is the best way to become a computer scientist. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you everything!

In initial training or in work-study programs, the Bac+2 or Bac+3 level diplomas allow you to become professional and thus to be operational as soon as you finish your studies. During a BTS or a DUT, you acquire theoretical skills that you can apply during your internship or work-study program in your host company. The company may also offer you a position at the end of your course.

However, if you prefer to specialize further, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. This training will allow you to aspire to higher positions such as computer developer, network administrator or computer maintenance technician.

Long-term training

IT profiles are highly sought after by employers. To stand out from the competition, we advise you to add real value to your CV, such as professional experience or a higher education degree. Having a degree or certification at the level of Bac+4, Bac+5 or Bac+6 is a significant asset in the IT jungle. And even more so if you have graduated from an engineering school! These state-recognized schools are renowned in France and abroad for their academic excellence and innovative teaching methods. Graduating from a grande école is therefore a great advantage over other students who have followed a classic university curriculum.

Long courses in computer science make the difference! They offer more varied perspectives both in terms of salary development and the missions entrusted. With a Bac+5 in your pocket, you show the various recruiters that you have acquired solid skills during your years of study and that you know how to apply them thanks to your internships.

So, what training will you choose to make your dream come true?