The most popular BTS in Paris

Paris is also the capital of the best training in France, with almost 601 BTS courses available in several public and private establishments. With a large number of specialized institutes, business schools and engineering schools of international renown and very high level. Here are some of the best BTS courses currently in demand on the job market.

BTS Management of Commercial Units (MUC)

A two-year course, several establishments in the capital currently offer the Management of Commercial Units specialization to prepare sales managers specialized in the management of fixed sales structures such as stores, supermarkets, bank branches, online stores, in almost all sales sectors. With managerial and commercial skills, BTS MUC graduates are highly sought after by companies in the retail, luxury goods, household appliance and computer sectors. The training is very professional and the program is based on both marketing techniques and customer relations and management sciences. In addition, the BTS MUC gives importance to modern languages, especially English.

BTS Commercial Technician (TC)

Unlike other BTS in marketing and commercialization, the BTS technico commercial trains sales people with a double skill set, i.e. sales and technical expertise in a specific technical sector. In order to meet a specific market need, sales and information on technical and technological products, the market is making more and more offers for graduates of this BTS. Access to this program requires a scientific or technical pre-requisite.

BTS Negotiation and Customer Relations (NRC)

The BTS NRC trains complete salespeople capable of taking charge of the entire process of the relationship from prospecting to the completion of the sale, including advice and follow-up after the purchase. The two-year training is very versatile. Currently, finding a BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations in Paris is not difficult, several institutes and high schools offer the course (often in alternation). Thanks to the favorable environment of the city, the training is of a high level, and students can easily access companies for an internship or for a professionalization contract.