Why choose a work-study BTS in France?

Opting for a work-study BTS is an option that is increasingly being considered. This training consists of alternating periods of theoretical classes in school and practical classes in a company. We are going to show you in a few points the advantages of going this way.

What are the costs for this training?

Depending on the age and level of study of the students concerned, they receive a salary under a work-study contract. In addition to receiving a salary, the tuition fees are paid by the companies in which the students work on a sandwich course, for the entire duration of the contract. The advantage is that students have both “student” and “employee” status, as they have paid vacations and all sorts of discounts.

Practical experience

The advantage of doing a BTS in alternation is to be able to put into practice all the knowledge assimilated during the course periods. Thus, students will be able to subtly integrate the world of work and benefit from a smooth professional integration.

A long-term experience

During the work-study period, students have the same weight as any other employee of the company. Indeed, they are associated with the company and must perform the tasks assigned to them. The fact that the experience takes place over the long term, i.e. year-round, allows students to enrich their skills and thus forge them in the world of work.

A dynamic pace

If you find it difficult to live with a static rhythm, then the BTS en alternance is a good option for you. Indeed, with this training, by spending a few days in class and then others in the company, the students’ routine varies constantly and they discover many new things.

Professional integration

The experience developed in alternation will allow the students to benefit from a more efficient and faster professional integration. Indeed, thanks to this training and the advantages it offers to acquire real experience in the field, it represents an added value to put forward on the curriculum vitae, then on the cover letter. The chances of being hired will then be more accessible and it is possible that the company hosting the student will offer to continue the adventure.